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KIDDING AROUND: Pictures Dedicated to the Bouncing Bundles of Joy of the Nigora Goat World!

If you would like to see your Nigora, Grade Nigora, or Nigora breeding stock (Nigerian, Angora, Swiss-type Mini Dairy, or "Alternate fiber breeds") kids featured here please send their pics and info to us at Subject: Kid Pics. Thanks!

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(Artos Fiona and Shrek, Nigora kids from 2013)

"AngoraMoon Clipper", polled Nigora buckling, and "AngoraMoon Desert Rose", Nigora doeling
bred by AngoraMoon Farm of NW New Mexico

Clipper is currently FOR SALE (3/14/14)

"Evelyn Acres Maybelle" Nigora doeling born March 3, 2014. Marbled cream/white with chocolate moonspots. Bred by
Evelyn Acres Farm of NW Georgia
(Formerly Peaceful Mountain Farm)
Sire is "Major", a chocolate Nigerian Dwarf with silver moonspots, dam is "Irma", a Nigora doe with white fleece who was born light cream with a few chocolate moonspots (parents pictured in gallery below)

"Bear Point Farms Tiramisu" Grade Nigora doeling born February 12, 2014; one of triplets
with sister, "Fudge", and brother, "Napoleon"
(shown in gallery below)
Bred by Bear Point Farms of of S. Central Illinois

Dam, "Muffin" (Grade Nigerian) and sire, "Turtle" (Junior pic, Grade Colored Pygora) shown in gallery below.
"Humble Acres Stormy" Grade Nigora doeling born February 21, 2014. Bred by Humble Acres of 
Mid Michigan 
Dam, "Peaches" (chocolate buckskin Nigerian Dwarf doe) and sire, "Ninja" (black PB Pygora buck) shown in gallery below.