Experience Counts:

We are the original Nigora goat resource, with 29+ years of work, research and experience dedicated solely to the creation, betterment and promotion of the American Nigora breed TM

Note: The name "American Nigora Goat"TM. was adopted by the ANGBA TM. in 2013. It is used to distinguish the ANGBA recognized Nigora from the generic name "Nigora" (a hybridization of the Nigerian Dwarf and Angora goat breed names) which might refer to Nigora goats recognized by other breed organizations, both active or defunct. The terms "American Nigora Goat"TM., "American Nigora"TM., and "Nigora Goat" or "Nigora", are all used interchangeably in this website and all refer to the Nigora goat breed originated in 1994. As the founding association for the breed, all information available on the Nigora, past and present, sources directly back to us.  

What We Are:

Officially established on April 15, 2007, the ANGBA is an "Association", not a private sector "business"; we are an organization dedicated to providing service without seeking profit. Our job is to nurture the development and potential of the Nigora goat breed, while supporting breeders in their efforts to produce quality stock, maintain accurate records, and foster fair and ethical breeding and sales practices. 

The only monies which may be obtained by ANGBA will be in the form of reasonable, standard fees in the course of providing recording/registration and membership services. These fees will be used exclusively to support the working of the Association, thus enabling ANGBA to continue providing these services to our members and the general public.

ANGBA supports the "Three E's": Ethics, Equanimity, and Equality, among members, breeders, and the public and therefore does not condone personal/political agendas, bullying, or harassment in any form. 

Our Mission Statement:

The American Nigora Goat Breeders Association (ANGBA) is dedicated to the promotion and betterment of the Nigora goat as a multi-purpose breed (fiber, milk, and companionship) particularly suited for small holding family farms, homesteads, and urban goat keeping projects.  

ANGBA supports and encourages ethical practices, respect, and camaraderie amongst it's members, affiliates, other breed organizations, and the general public in all respects.

We offer education about the Nigora goat and it's parent breeds, making every effort to  provide our members with assistance and support in their Nigora ventures.

Goals of the American Nigora Goat Breeders Association:

*To create a program that will develop, establish, and promote the Nigora goat, while striving for constant betterment of the breed as a whole

*To obtain and maintain good fellowship among other Nigora goat owners, breeders, fanciers and breed associations 

*To encourage the use, breeding and exhibition of quality Nigora goats through selective breeding and ethical sales practices

Intent and Purpose of The American Nigora Goat Breeders Association:

To develop, maintain and offer accurate registry/recording of Nigoras, as well as various member services for individuals breeding and raising Nigora goats.

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