Current List of Breeders of Nigoras 
and/or Foundation Nigora Breeding Stock 
(Nigerian Dwarfs, Angoras, "Swiss-type" Mini- 
Dairy Goats) 
[Nigoras: What Are They?] 
Our Breeder Listings are always FREE!

If you raise Nigoras, or their foundation parent breeds, please send us your farm name, contact name, breeds of goats & other animals you raise, any goat/farm related services you offer & prefered contact info to:

Alba Ranch LLC<
(Western Michigan)

Melisa and Charlie Morrison

Registered Nigerian Dwarf goats. Along with being a critter raiser, I am also a fiber artist: Spinning, weaving, dyeing, felting, crochet, and make goat milk lotion and goat milk soap.


AngoraMoon Farm 
(NW New Mexico)

Betty Moon (ANGBA Admin) 

(Nigora breeding program on hiatus at this time). Breeder of AngoraMoon (MA) Sandstorm, representative of the ideal junior buck on the ANGBA Standards Page

Also raising English, French & Hybrid-Angora rabbits and African geese.


ANVO Acres 

Voni Anderson

Nigoras and polled Shetland sheep, along with handmade goat milk soaps and fiber.


Artos Bergamascos <
(Hudson Valley NY)

Juan-Manuel Artos 

Raising Bergamasco Sheepdogs 
(Formerly also breeding Nigoras and Mini Alpines; breeding program on hold). Breeder of Artos Roux, representative of the ideal senior buck, and Artos Fiona and Shrek, 4-week-old Nigora kids, on the ANGBA Standards Page


Bear Point Farms
(South Central, Illinois)

Paul and Laura Kurtz

Breeds include Nigoras, registered and unregistered Nigerians, registered and unregistered Pygoras, registered Angoras. Also registered Standard Toggenburgs, registered and commercial Boers (Possibly Mini Manchas and/or Standard Lamanchas in the future). We specialize in quality and variety!
Located in Sesser, Illinois.


Caprikoda Croft<
(Western Oregon)

Cristen Sullivan

Nigerian Dwarf Goats; Buck service, 
disbudding, hoof trimming, milk


Cast Iron Farm<*
(NW Oregon) 

Christine Anderson

Registered White and Colored Angora 
Goats; Buck Service & Fiber Available. 


Celtic Dairy 
(SE Michigan)

Betheny Slater

Nigoras, Nigerians, and Saanan 
Goats; No stock available at this time, but advice is always free!

Mailing addy: P.O.Box 2187, 
Milan, Mi. 48160
Phone: 734-478-3600

Dream Acres Alpacas (& Goats) 
(North Central ND) 

Ann Acord (ANGBA Admin)

Sold out of Nigoras & Nigerians. Not breeding at this time (on hiatus) but happy to help anyone who is seeking more information on the American Nigora breed!


Evelyn Acres Farm
(Formerly Peaceful Mountain Farm)
(NW Georgia)

Bess Miller (ANGBA Admin/"Roving Reporter")

Selling Nigora kids & fiber.

Phone: 770-312-4180

Gold Dust Hills Ranch 
(Central Colorado)

Natascha McCants

Raising Nigerians & Nigoras in Florissant, CO.

Phone: (719) 689-5775

Golden Lotus Farm<
(Northern California)

Vicki Campbell

Raising AGS & ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf goats in Sacramento County; Kids available.


Humble Acres
(Mid Michigan) 

Cody & Angela Shivley

Our F1 Nigoras will be bred from our registered Angora, Pygora, and Nigerian Dwarf stock. Our goal is to create a more "urban family friendly goat" that is not only a pet but a contributing member of the family!

Snail mail: 5829 S M52 Perry, MI 48872

Just Kiddin' Farm 
(E. Tennessee)

Linda Baldwin

Raising Nigoras in East Tennessee 


Kai Mohair 
SW Virginia

Lisa Shell

Raising Colored Angora Goats since 1987. We produce beautifull Natural Colored Mohair, handspun and commercial yarns, Fine hand woven rugs, scarves, throws, and knit hats. We also sell breeding stock from our award winning herd.

Facebook: Kai Mohair

(Western New York State)

Cindy Pasnik

Nigerian Dwarf goats; also 
Shetland Sheep & Border Collies. 
Services available: kids, adults, 
buck service, raw fiber, roving, 
spindlekits, some finished fiber items 
(yarn, hats,etc) 

Facebook: KeepEmGoin Farm

KW Farms<
(South Central Washington)

Kylee Wilcox

Raising registered Nigerian Dwarf goats (AGS/ADGA/NDGA) in Wapato, WA. Kids for sale every year!

Also raising APHA Paint horses.


Laughing Goat Fiber<
(SW New York)

Lisa Ferguson

Angora, Cashmere & Cashgora goats

Mailing addy: 1485 Mecklenburg Rd. 
Ithaca, NY 14850 

Website Url: 
Etsy: laughinggoatfiber
Facebook: LaughingGoatFiberFarm

Liberty Homestead Farm<
(Upstate South Carolina)

James Ferebee

Purebred Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Our goats are registered with AGS, ADGA, NDGA, IDGR or a combination of the above registries.

We make All Natural Goat’s Milk Soap. Along with Nigerian Dwarf goats we also raise registered standard Oberhasli dairy goats, heritage breed chickens, rare breed sheep, and pasture raised pork and turkeys. We offer high quality breeding stock and also stud service to healthy does. I can also trim your goats hooves if you want me to. More information on our products and services is on our website.

contact me at

Lindy Haven Farm* 
(S. California)

Linda J.Pannill-Smith

I raise Nigoras, Nigerian Dwarf , American Nubian, and NuMancha dairy goats, and have a reg. American Saanen doe (has produced Mini-Saanens); also have Angora does (unreg.): 1 White, 1 Cinnamon, and 1 Gray with blue eyes planned to be bred to our two Type "B" fleece Nigora bucks (one buck sired by Nigerian "Adobe Acres HH Loverboy" and then other by Nigerian "Lindy Haven FD Smokey Joe").

Services: I offer kids, breeding stock, bucks for sale, raw mohair and also Nigora fiber on request. Nigerian buck service available at your farm or for driveway breedings; Mini-Togg and registered Nubian buck service, driveway only. We are located in Ramona,CA-- Inland San Diego County.

Mailing addy: P.O. Box 25
Ramona,CA 92065
Phone: 760-788-1172

Mini Yooper Goats<
(Upper Peninsula of Michigan)

Stacy Hopkins

I raise AGS and ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarves.
Kids and stud service available
(driveway breedings only) 

Snail mail: PO Box 145, Bark River, Michigan

Pine Hill Farm
(Central Florida)

Shawn Pennington

Raising Nigoras in Dade City
Services offered: Breeding stock, kids, and fiber

Phone: 352 567-3323

Rock-a-Billy Ranch
(Central Colorado)

Victoria Green

Raising Nigora Goats from registered Nigerian Dwarf goats (American Dairy Goat Registry) and Registered Angora Goats (CAGBA) who will be kidding in June of 2016.  

Addy: 675 L Street
Penrose, CO 81240
Phone: 303-520-1808

Shear Heavenly Angoras and More
(Southeast MO)

Billi Rogers

Angoras, Nigoras, and Nigerian dwarfs 

Phone: 1-573-579-7943

Shenanigoat Farm
(Olympic Peninsula, Washington)

Bruce Walko and Donna McDaniel

Nigoras, Nigerian Dwarves and Angoras. Also some chickens and a Karakachan LGD.(Playing and learning with fiber and goat milk products.)

Facebook: Shenanigoat Farm

Snow Drift Acres
(Central Washington)

Dawn Morin

All my efforts are focused on producing Nigoras with good milk and fiber qualities from my Nigerian Dwarf and Angora goats.
Services Offered: Nigora Kids and Breeding Stock (some with blue eyes) in Ellensburg, Wa (two hours East of Seattle).


Stoddard's Ark
(Central California)

Ariel Wilson

We raise Nigora and Nugora (Nubian/Angora) goats,
sell kids (doelings, bucklings, whethers) and can offer Angora stud service.

Phone: (209) 878-2890

Sunny Daze Goat Farm
(Central East Arizona)

Laurie Click

Breeding Nigoras for fiber and milk. We also have Nigerian Dwarfs and access to a Pygora Buck. Sales and Buck Services available.

Addy: 5426 Encanto Rd
Snowflake, AZ 85937
Phone: 928-243-7545
Facebook: Sunny Daze Goat Farm

The Feathered Goat* 
(Central New Mexico)

Julie Plougmann

Nigoras, White and Colored Angoras, reg Nigerians; 
Mini-Oberhasli & Mini-Sable Saanens soon

Phn: 575-517-9962

Tricklin' Crick Farmstead
(Southcentral Alaska)

Allison Miller

We are a miniscule operation in remote Alaska, breeding Nigoras for milk and fiber. We started with an f1 Nigora doe, her "Heavy Nigora" doeling, and a Nigerian buck. Three kids were born in August 2012. We plan on upgrading our Nigerian buck this spring, and eventually adding an Angora buck and doe for genetic diversity and boosting the mohair trait.
Presently offering fiber for sale, both mohair and cashgora. 


Wee Acres
(NW Minnesota)

Cheyenne Munawar 

We are currently raising Nigoras out of colored Angoras and colorful Nigerians of good milking lines. We also breed pure Nigerians and are working on restarting our Mini-Nubian project. Other fiber projects include a flock of Shetland sheep, focusing on spotted color and rustic fiber, and practicing with the woolly undercoat from our Pyrenees guardian dogs. We also hope to add dairy sheep to our flocks sometime in the future.

Closed herd until 2018, but please feel free to see what we're up to on our blog! Our farm is dedicated to raising hardy, miniature, multi-purpose livestock and heritage poultry well-suited to the self-sufficient homestead.


White Fireweed Farm<
(Central Alaska)

Becky Hammond

Raising CAGBA Colored Angoras in
Fairbanks, Alaska 


Wooly & Knot Farm 
(S. California)

Denise Squires

Nigoras, CAGBA Angoras and Boer goats;
French Angora and Jersey Wooly Rabbits, 
and Merino X Sheep

Mailing Addy: PO Box 390981 
Anza, CA 92539
Phone: 951-591-8645


Windy Gorge Farm
(S. Central Washington)

Tracy Zumwalt

Registered Nigerian Dwarf goats 
in Dallesport, WA


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